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  • Asalam alaykom, Masjid Imam Al-Rida (as) St Marys would like to invite you to salat Eid al Fitir on Monday the 2nd of May 2022 (for the followers of Ayatullah Seid Moha

    Jumuah prayers will begin from 12pm, concluding at 1pm every Friday.

    The Two Sermons start after the afternoon (Dhur Prayer) and the program concludes with 2 Rukat Jumuah Prayer which replace the normal 4 Rukat Dhur Prayer. 

    Please allow 40 mins for the two sermons to complete, followed by prayer.

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    Bismihi Taa’la

    “and they give food out of love for him to the poor and the orphan and the captive” Holy Quran, 76:8

    Download a double-sided Calendar (Side 1 for those who will start on Saturday the 2nd of April and Side 2 for Sunday 3rd of April) – Please do check with your Marja regarding First day

    As the holy month of Ramadan is around the corner, there is no better time to get 200 sqm of carpet and seats thoroughly cleaned by professionals in preparation for our daily rituals at Masjid Al-Rida.

    Join us from the 2nd of April 2022 for nightly programs (more information to be provided).

    If you would like to support your local Masjid with regular cleaning and the costs

    • 1st day opening will be Friday Jummah Prayers (5th of November 2021) our holiest day of the week. (12:45 pm after Athan)
    • 2nd day opening will be Saturday (6th of November 2021) english workshop after Megribian prayers (7:45pm)
    • 3rd day opening will be Sunday (7th of November 2021) Karate Classes (registered club members) (9am)
    • All other regular programs (Dua Kumayl
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    Masjid Al-Rida cordially invites you to attend our Ashura program for 2021 which is completely LIVE on Facebook and Youtube from 7:00 with Sheikh Dr Hossein Javaheri. Starting from the 10th of August


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