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Arba’een Imam Al Hussein (a)

In Arabic, Arba’een means the 40th day (20th of Safar), after the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussein (a) on the Day of ‘Ashura. 

The importance of this day lies in the fact that based on historical accounts, Jabir b. ‘Abd Allah al-Ansari visited the grave of Imam al-Hussein (a) on this day as the first pilgrim to ever visit this grave.

Ever since, the followers of Imam Al-Hussein commemorate the tragedy each year by gathering and remembering what happened to the Imam and his family especially what they went through on the day of Ashura and the 40 days following Ashura .

Join us at Masjid Al-Rida to commemorate the 40th Day after martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussain (a)

Where: Masjid Imam Al-Rida (as), 14 Forthorn place North St Marys

Time: 17th of September 2022, Starts from Maghribian Prayers (6:05pm).


  • 6:05pm Maghrib Prayers
  • Quran Recitation
  • Ziyarat Arbaeen
  • 6:35pm – English Majlis – Sheikh Dr Hossein Javaheri
  • 7:15pm – Arabic Majlis – Sheikh Abu Sajjad
  • 7:50pm – Latmayi
  • 8:00pm – Dinner

May Allah accept our deeds aAllah (S.W.T.)’s way will be amply rewarded both in this world and the hereafter,
“…and He causes Charitable deeds to prosper.” (al-Baqarah 2: 276)
“…and whatever thing you spend, He exceeds it in reward, and He is the best of Sustainers.” (Saba 34: 39)
“…and whatever you give in charity, desiring Allah’s pleasure it is these (persons) that shall get manifold.” (ar-Rūm 30: 39)

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