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Ashura Muharram 2018

لسلام عليكم ورحمة الله

يدعوكم مسجد الإمام الرضا (ع) إلى المشاركة في إحياء مراسم اليوم العاشر من مُحرّم الحرام والذي يصادف يوم الجمعة 21/9/2018. يبدأ الإحتفال الساعة 9:30 صباحاً يليه غذاء عن روح أهل البيت عليهم السلام


عظم الله أجوركم.

Asalamo Alaykom 

Masjid imam Al-Rida (as) invites you to participate in the 10th of Muharram program commemorating the martydom of Imam Al Hussein (a.s).

When: Friday 21/09/2018 at 9:30am followed by lunch.

Where: Masjid Imam Al-Rida (as) – 14 Forthorn Place, North St Marys, NSW 2760

May Allah (swt) magnify your rewards.

Masjid Al-Rida cordially invites you to attend our Ashura program for 2018.

The nights will run from the 11th-21st September from 6pm commencing with Maghrib congregational prayers.

The Arabic Majlis will be delivered by his eminence Sayed Ammar Al-Qazwini followed by Latmiyat.

Dinner and refreshments will be provided.

May Allah accept our deeds and increase our iman and knowledge in the remembrance of Imam Hussain’s (AS) struggle and sacrifice.


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