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108 Al-Kawthar


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001 Al-Fatiha


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2023 – Weekly Friday Arabic and Islamic Classes


Overview Masjid Al-Rida is opening up registrations for Weekly Arabic and Islamic Studies commencing with Classes beginning officially from ...

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Eid al Fitr Prayers 2023


Pay your Zakat al-Fitrah $12.00 (To cover credit card fees) Every able adult Muslim must pay on his/her behalf ...

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Purchase a chicken for Ramadhan – Lebanon


Food prices raise more than 30% at the time of Ramadhan. We are trying to raise as much funds ...

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Ramadan 2023


Please do check with your Marja regarding First day. View the Holy Month of Ramadan Guide Masjid Al-Rida St Mary's, will ...

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Masjid Al-Rida Fundraiser Page


You can now donate towards a campaign that suits you. Please see a list of active campaigns we have ...

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Arba’een Imam Al Hussein (a)


In Arabic, Arba'een means the 40th day (20th of Safar), after the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussein (a) on the Day ...

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Support Masjid Al-Rida


Help Masjid Al-Rida serve our community Donate towards the running of our Mosque/Community Centre Direct Bank Deposit Details: Account: ...

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10th of Muharram Tuesday 9th/Aug 9:30AM


When: Tuesday 09/08/22 at 9:30am followed by Prayers and lunch Where: Masjid Imam Al-Rida (as), 14 forthorn place north ...

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