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Hazrat Imam Ali (a) birthday – 27th of February 2021 – English Program

Bismihi Taa’la,

Join us in celebrating the birth of Imam Ali (a) on Saturday night the 27th of February 2021

The English program will commence at 7:30 PM and conclude with Maghribayn prayers & dinner/celebration sweets/cake.

Kid classes will also start at 7:00 pm.

Everyone is welcome, also note every Saturday night Masjid Al-Rida holds English programs on a range of topics. Keep in touch

Fee Amana Allah,
Masjid Al-Rida a.s

The First Imam

Name: Ali
Title: Asadullah (Lion of God); Haydar (Brave-hearted), Abu Turab (Father of Dust), Amir al-Mu’minin (Commander of the Faithful)
Kunya: Abu al-Hassan; Abu al-Hassanain
Father: Abu Talib (Peace be upon him)
Mother: Fatimah bint Asad
Born: 13th Rajab, 23 BH/595 CE inside the Holy Kabah in Makkah, Hejaz region of the Arabian Peninsula
Died: 21st Ramadan, 40 AH/661 CE, after being struck on the head with a sword by the Kharijite, Ibn Muljam
Age at Martyrdom: 63
Period of Imamate: 29 years
Buried: Najaf, Iraq

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