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Eid al Fitr Prayers (Monday and Tuesday) 2022

Asalam alaykom, Masjid Imam Al-Rida (as) St Marys would like to invite you to salat Eid al Fitir on Monday the 2nd of May 2022 (for the followers of Ayatullah Seid Mohamed Hussein Fadlullah and whoever has completed 30 days of fasting on Sunday). Duaa starts at 7:00am then salat at 7:30am followed by Breakfast. For other Scholars, a confirmation message will be sent Sunday and Monday night.

Zakat al-Fitrah ($10.00 AUD based on rice) is wajib on behalf of every able living person and must be paid before the Eid prayer after the fast of Ramadan.

Pay your Zakat al-Fitrah $12.00
(To cover credit card fees)

Every able adult Muslim must pay on his/her behalf and on behalf of those on whose maintenance he/she is obliged to spend. The head of the household is responsible for family members living under his/her care.

السلام عليكم
تقام صلاة عيد الفطر المبارك في مسجد الإمام الرضا (ع) يوم الإثنين الواقع في الثاني من أيار في تمام الساعة ٧:٣٠ صباحاً (لمقلدي آية الله السيد محمد حسين فضل الله رضوان الله عليه ومن أتمّ صيام ثلاثين يوماً يوم الأحد)

سوف يتم إرسال رسالة أخرى الأحد ليلاً لمقلدي المراجع الأخرى إذا تم رؤية الهلال

وكل عام وأنتم بخير

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