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Eid Al-Ghadeer

Join us at this Saturday Night’s Program 7:00 PM, 1st of September, 2018, to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid Al-Ghadeer. The night will include a short lecture followed by a Q&A session, open to all. Dinner and dessert will be provided.


“Oh people, Allah the Most Kind the Omniscient has told me that no apostle lives to more than half the age of him who had preceded him. I believe that I am about to be called (to die) and thus I must respond. I am responsible and you are responsible, then what do you say?”

They (the people) replied, “We witness that you have informed, advised and striven. May Allah bless you.”

The Prophet continued, “Do you not bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and Apostle, and that His Heaven is true, His Hell is true, death is true, the Resurrection after death is true, that there is no doubt that the Day of Judgment will come, and that Allah will resurrect the dead from their graves?”

They said, “Yes, we bear witness.”

He said, “Oh Allah, bear witness. ‘Oh people, Allah is my Lord and I am the lord of the believers. I am worthier of believers than themselves. Of whomsoever I had been Master (Mawla), Ali here is to be his Master. (Mawla). Oh Allah, be a supporter of whoever supports him (Ali) and an enemy of whoever opposes him (Ali).”

After the people came to congratulate Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Prophet (pbuh) continued to say:

“Oh people, I will go ahead of you and you will arrive at my Pond (in Heaven) which is wider than the distance between Basra and San’a. It has receptacles as numerous as the stars, and two cups of gold and two of silver. I will ask you about the two weighty things that I have left for you when you come to me to see how you dealt with them.

The greater weighty thing is Allah’s book, the Holy Qur’an. One end is in Allah’s hand and the other is in your hands. Keep it and you will not deviate.

That other weighty thing is my family (Ahlulbayt) and my descendants. The Most Kind the Omniscient had told me that both of them, would not separate until they come to my Pond.”

Furthermore, it leads on from the widely acknowledge hadith from the Prophet in which he says to Ali:

“You will be to me like Aaron (Harun) was to Moses (Musa), except that there will be no Prophet after me.”

Ghadir Khumm, marks the day when the ‘Muslims’ pledged allegiance to Ali upon the order of the Prophet (pbuh) who was inspired by what they believe was the Divine will of Allah (swt). In contrast to this, it marks the day in which people recognised Ali as the right hand man of the Prophet (pbuh) and for them to continue being supporters and friends to Ali due to his close blood relation to the Prophet and his love towards him. This would later come to define the term ‘Shiat Ali’ (supporters of Ali or Shia Muslims).

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Event of Ghadir Khumm – (
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