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How to be a TRUE Muslim?

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To be a TRUE Muslim, one must :

  1. Believe in the one supreme, Absolute, Eternal, and unique God and nothing in all his creations resembles Allah.
  2. Never associate any partners with Allah (S.W).
  3. Never bound Allah (S.W) by time or space like his creation is.
  4. Never compare anything to Allah (S.W).
  5. Never imagine in our minds as to what Allah (S.W) may look like.
  6. Never associate Allah (S.W) to a physical shape, this would be called blasphemy (KUFIR)
One must believe in all the following:
  1. Oneness of Allah (S.W)
  2. In Allah’s Angles
  3. In Allah’s revelations i.e., Quran to prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and believe that he is the last messenger.
  4. The Injeel (Original Bible) to prophet Issa (Jesus) (A.S),
  5. The Taurat to prophet Moses (A.S),
  6. The Zabour to prophet Dawood (A.S)
  7. In all the prophets and messengers of Allah (S.W).
  8. Must believe in the resurrection and judgement day.
  9. Must believe in the question of the grave and the existence of Heaven and Hell and Eternal life after death.
Denying any of the prophets or messengers will automatically exit a person from Islam.

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