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File Description File size Sajdat Al-Shukur – Thankfulness  English 5 min speech on the Importance and How to perform Sajdat Al-Shukur.    8211 Kb In the first sermon of Nahjul Balaghah, Imam Ali (a.s) has said that: “Praise is due to Allah whose worth cannot be described by speakers, whose bounties cannot be counted by calculators and whose claim (to obedience) cannot be satisfied by those who attempt to do so, whom the height of intellectual courage cannot appreciate, and the divings of understanding cannot reach; He for whose description no limit has been laid down, no eulogy exists, no time is ordained and no duration is fixed. He brought forth creation through His Omnipotence, dispersed winds through His Compassion, and made firm the shaking earth with rocks”. The importance of Sajdah Shukr (Thanksgiving prostration) It is strongly recommended to go into sujood (prostration) after prayers to thank Allah (swt) for hidayat (guidance). It is reported that once during a journey the Prophet (sas) dismounted his camel five times to perform sajdah. When the Prophet was about to mount back on the camel, after prostrating five times, his companions said to him that they had not seen him performing such an act before and asked him the reason for performing sajdah again and again. The Prophet replied, “Verily, Gabriel descended and bought five glad tidings and I performed sajdah for each of the five good news that he bought.” [Mizanul hikmah Hadith # 9622] In Surah Baqrah 2:119, Allah SWT says: “We have sent thee with the truth, good tidings to bear, and warning Thou shalt not be questioned touching the inhabitants of Hell” In the above verse, the Arabic word Bashr means ‘good news’. From the above hadith it is clear that it is sunnah to perform the sajdah upon hearing good tidings. During a sajdah in namaz we have to ensure that seven body parts are touching the ground (toes, knees, palms and foreheads).  It is mustahab to touch the nose on the ground as well. However, for sajdah shukr, there is the additional requirement for men that the elbows be touching the ground as well. According to Imam Sadiq (a.s), the sajdah shukr or thanksgiving prostration is incumbent upon every Muslim. He has further said that when a servant of Allah performs the thanksgiving prostration, even the malaika or angels are proud of him. It is said that when a servant of Allah is performing the sajdah shukr, Allah tells the angels to look at his servant who is fulfilling his obligations and thanking Me for My blessings. Allah then asks the angels what He has in store for him. The malaika reply that His blessings are in store for His servant. Allah then asks them ‘What else is in store for him?’ The angels say your Paradise is in store for him. Allah asks ‘What else?’ The angels then say that they cannot think of any other goodness apart from the ones that they mentioned. Allah then says that there is another goodness that they have overlooked. The angels then answer that they do not have knowledge of this other goodness. Allah then replies, ‘I will thank him as he has thanked Me and will guarantee him my favour.’ [Thawaabul a’amaal wa ‘iqaabuha pg 295)]]>

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