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Salawat the Key to solving problems

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salawat) is: “O Allah, Pray on our Prophet Muhammad & His Family, may peace and blessings be upon him and his family.” Among the proven experiences concerning handling important matters, particularly in order to gain favour, is sending Salawat on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) and his family. Some of the benefits of Salawat:

  1. It is the best gift from Allah to man.
  2. It is a gift from Heaven.
  3. It polishes the spirity.
  4. It purfumes the mouth.
  5. It is a light in Heaven.
  6. It is a lamp over the straight path.
  7. It is an intercessor for mankind.
  8. It is a divine mention.
  9. It perfects the prayers.
  10. It perfects supplications and causes them to be answered.
  11. It causes the nearness of man (to Allah swt)
  12. It is the secret to seeing the Prophet Muhammad (s) in a dream.
  13. It is a protection against the fire of Hell.
  14. It is man’s companion to Barzakh and on the day of judgment.
  15. It is a pass to enter Heaven.
  16. It ensures man in the three worlds.
  17. It is a mercy from Allah, a purging element from the Angels and a supplication from men.
  18. It is the most superior of deeds on the day of judgement.
  19. It is the heaviest thing to be placed in the scale on the day of judgment.
  20. It is the most beloved action.
  21. It extinguishes the fire of hell.
  22. It is the adornment of prayer.
  23. It wipes out sins.
  24. It wipes out poverty and disharmony.
  25. It is the best spiritual medicine.
  26. How good it is for mankind to always recite salawat and fill the social environment and the workplace with pleasing fragrance!
  27. Overcome your sorrow, pain and distress by reciting salawat.
  28. One salawat will clense your sins as though you are born anew.
  29. One salawat will establish for you the reward of seventy two martyrs.
  30. One salawat will register ten good deeds for you.

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