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Masjid Al-Rida Ashura Muharram 2023 – 1445h 19th of July 2023

Wednesday 19th of July 2023

– Commencing with Ziyara Ashura and Maghrib/Ishaa congregational prayers.

Location: 14 Forthorn Place, North St Marys NSW

#Nightly Agenda (Wed 19th of July – 28th of July 2023)Time
1Ziyara Ashura5:15 pm
2Congregational Megribayan Prayers 5:30 pm
3Koran Recitation6:00 PM
4English/Arabic Muharram Majlis (Sheikh Dr Houssein Javaheri)6:05 PM
5Arabic (Majlis Hajj Moussa Hammoud)6:55 PM
6Latmiyat (Br Mulla Mohammad Al-Kufi)7:20 PM
7Dinner 7:35 PM
8Program Ends8:00 PM

Last Day (Ashura): Saturday 29th of July at 9am to Dhur Prayer followed by Lunch

May Allah accept our deeds and increase our Iman and knowledge in the remembrance of Imam Hussain’s (AS) struggle and sacrifice.

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