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Masjid Al-Rida closed due to Coronavirus government restrictions

As of midday Monday the 23rd of March 2020, Masjid Al-Rida along with other places of worship in Australia will be closed due to new government restrictions to contain the Coronavirus pandemic.

Protecting human life is one of the major objectives of Islam, which takes precedence over all other objectives of Islamic faith. Therefore during these difficult times we must as a community work together to protect the preservation of human life and safety.

For the first time since Masjid Al-Rida was established in 2005, we have officially had to close and cancel all religious gatherings within our mosque and look to adapt to technology where possible to maintain some form of community worship and service.

Although it will be impossible to completely transfer our usual form of Islamic worship and congregational prayers to be online, other programs such as lectures and Islamic classes will be running online using Video conference.

Further challenges will be faced during the the holy month of Ramadan beginning in Late April 2020. Worshipers will normally congregate at the mosque and perform prayers and recitation of the entire Quran. This terrible disease will only make us stronger if we seek help through patience and prayer. As the Holy Quran reminds us in Chapter 2, verse 153:

“O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.”

We ask that our community remains healthy, safe and to take extra precaution. As fellow humans we all have a role to play in the coming months in providing practical care and support for older and vulnerable people.

We pray to Allah (swt), to remove affliction from the world and we look forward to seeing everyone back again in best of health very soon InshaAllah!

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